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Buying a New Home? Take Your Time and Buy Smart

April 28, 2021
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A combination of factors is driving the biggest home purchase trend in generations. Mortgage rates are historically low, making many buyers with good credit and access to down payment funds “sitting pretty” on a home loan. Plus, the pandemic-inspired “work from home” trend has allowed many skilled employees the opportunity to live ANYWHERE they desire.

There is a constellation of factors why those who want to live in the area just north of Fort Worth are choosing Northstar. This master-planned community has everything families of any size- whether they are couples, larger families, or empty-nesters – can enjoy. Some of these include:

It is this final factor – the builders and their state-of-the-art techniques that enable maximum energy efficiency in their homes – that many homebuyers can rely on in this (often dizzying) process of the home purchase. Some recent buyers who were caught up with urgency to buy a home, ANY home, made the mistake of buying existing, older residences with unforeseen problems. 

The Problems With Older Homes

A recent article in the highly-respected Wall Street Journal noted some of the pitfalls of buying older, often damaged homes. “Fleeing small apartments, buying vacation homes, or simply looking for a change of scenery amid the crushing boredom of lockdowns, people scrambled to buy houses amid the pandemic, spurring bidding wars and supercharging real-estate markets across the country. Now, many are discovering the pitfalls of these hasty purchases, ranging from buyers’ remorse and financial strain to damage caused by unexpected problems.”

The article continued, “Many home buyers were apartment dwellers looking for larger spaces to shelter in. ‘It was a land grab for houses,’ said Cheryl Eisen, CEO of the interior-design and property-marketing firm Interior Marketing Group.‘People wanted out of apartments.’

At the same time, inventory dropped as many homeowners hesitated to list their properties in the pandemic. The result is that much of the country has seen a price spike and bidding wars, brokers said, leaving buyers with little to choose from. In these conditions, many are tempted to waive inspections or skip other due diligence they would normally perform before buying a home.” 

A Quality NEW Home With No (Expensive) Surprises

This “gold rush” is a valuable lesson for anyone who wants a home and neighborhood with a great lifestyle and fewer (if any) expensive surprises. Experts say, “Buy new construction, in an up-and-coming neighborhood and from well-known, respected home builders!”

The homebuilders in Northstar combine unquestioned craftsmanship, with the latest construction techniques, state-of-the-art plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and because it is brand new and rigorously inspected at each stage of construction the entire home is covered by a no-nonsense home warranty.

These NorthStar builders are some of the best in the business. They include:

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The decision to buy a home can be intimidating, and these days just so hard to find anything. There are just so many factors to consider including location, neighborhoods, schools, close-by amenities, quality of the home, availability, and a few hundred others!

If you have time, please use it and make a trip to Northstar to see why the decisions might be easier than you think. We have plenty of homesites under construction and even more to come! Click here to set up a visit and follow Northstar home!