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Northstar: Save Energy, Money, and the Planet

October 31, 2023
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Living a green lifestyle means deciding to form eco-friendly habits and make less of an environmental impact. Some green habits might include not purchasing water in plastic bottles, recycling to keep waste out of landfills and oceans, and making a commitment to energy conservation. 

Energy consumption is a big factor in the increase of greenhouse gas emissions and escalating climate change. Fortunately, building eco-friendly homes is a top priority in new home construction. The good news is that today home builders are adopting industry standards to maximize energy efficiency, reduce a home’s carbon footprint, and utilize sustainable construction materials to ensure a greener, more eco-friendly future!

Get Energized!

At NorthStar, a dynamic master-planned community just north of Fort Worth, new homes offer energy savings that make a positive impact on the environment and your bank account. In keeping with a commitment to sustainable energy, NorthStar builders use appliances and products that carry the Energy Star designation, meaning the products must meet a high level of efficiency set by the EPA. 

Construction solutions include spray insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs, smart appliances that use less electricity, and high-quality HVAC systems with smart thermostat technology to reduce a home’s carbon footprint. High-performance windows, consisting of multiple glass panes and insulated frames, keep temperatures consistent and rooms more comfortable. Energy-efficient roofing materials and sheetrock behind siding add another layer of insulation that will lower monthly utility bills.

Other Ways to Save

Inside the home, homeowners can save energy by switching to LED lightbulbs. They can also teach children to turn off the lights and shut off the water while brushing their teeth.  Further, repurposing old furnishings with paint will give them new life. 

Other great eco-moves include choosing the cold water setting on the washing machine and selecting natural and eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable. 

Smart Homes Save Energy

More and more, families want and need homes that can improve their carbon footprint while conserving their financial resources. Smart home technology instills sustainability into the residential sector by conserving energy use. Since HVAC systems consume about 42% of a homeowner’s utility bill, smart thermostats that are programmable and reduce energy waste when the home is vacant are not only “smart” but downright brilliant! Smart energy monitors can be connected to the meter to track power uses and patterns. This information is then tabulated, graphed, and sent to the homeowner’s smartphone. 

Another sustainable home component is the installation of a smart sprinkler system. Smart sprinklers utilize a moisture-based technology to optimize watering times. To limit evaporation loss by identifying the best time to turn on the sprinkler, a homeowner can have a beautiful lawn, save some money, and be mindful of water use.

Green Spaces Are Glorious

NorthStar builders, have shown a real commitment to energy-saving construction, plus they offer landscape packages that further extend the natural beauty of their homes and save valuable natural resources. 

Beyond immediate curb appeal, the NorthStar community itself has made a commitment to promoting a green lifestyle. Amenities include sustainable mobility options like miles of walking and biking paths along Northstar Parkway. Residents have access to shared event spaces and are part of a tight-knit neighborhood, limiting the need to take the party somewhere else. 

Children can play in the fresh air and sunshine on community playgrounds or participate in a soccer game on the regulation field. Many green lifestyle options have been added that support healthy living and a healthy planet. 

Recommendations for sustainable living include using public transportation or carpooling. Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, NorthStar is located near all the fun of Fort Worth. This means families can enjoy all the perks of city life but remain close to home. 

Living Simply While Simply Living!

Choosing to purchase an eco-friendly home not only saves money on the utility bills, but it also adds to the home’s resale value. According to industry research, energy-efficient homes are much more desirable and attract more buyers than older, less efficient homes. 

Another added benefit to consider is the overall health of the family. Home construction that utilizes eco-friendly materials can prevent mold and allergens inside the home and these homes have less noise pollution and better air quality because they are built with greater insulation and better ventilation. 

Sustainable Homes

Making a commitment to sustainable living isn’t really that difficult to do, especially with the energy-efficient technology and materials that are currently available. Sustainable homes can save energy, save money, and help save the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. Simply put, living a green lifestyle is having the desire for a more natural life, one that seeks to cause less harm to the planet. After all, it’s the only one we have. 

Schedule a visit to NorthStar and see how you can enjoy all that life offers while reducing your environmental impact.