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Ready for a Boo Bash? Here are 8 Ideas for a Halloween Party That are Spook-tacular

September 20, 2021
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For the families who live in Northstar a lovely, master-planned community located just north of Fort Worth, holidays are special times. One that is particularly festive, for both kids and adults, is “All Hallows Eve,” which is known by everyone – from Texas to Transylvania – as Halloween! This is one of those holidays that proves that we all love to be scared, so long as we know that somebody is joking around.

As our first October 31st in Northstar, we are excited about our usually tranquil neighborhoods, peaceful walking and biking trails, and friendly sunny skies to turn a little, well, spooky. We can’t wait to see the menagerie of ghosts, princesses, football players, and monsters walking the immaculate streets, knocking on the unsuspecting doors of neighbors and screaming… (wait for it) TRICK OR TREAT!

After the candy grab is completed, many families want to keep the Halloween party going.

As a public service, here are 8 ideas for a Halloween party that your kids will never forget. Plus, this spooky soiree is the perfect venue for mom and dad to take some costume party pics that will (no doubt) end up on Facebook, Instagram and, Tik Tok on November 1st.

#1 “I Put Spell on You” – Party Playlist

Every party needs music, and a Halloween party is no exception. Time to download a playlist and get this party started. Here are some suggestions for songs to get the kids AND adults in a spooktacular mood. Here are a dozen songs, to get you started.

#2 The Toilet Paper Mummy Game

According to Crafty Mom, the way the game works is that you pit several teams of 3 (one mummy, 2 wrappers) against each other, and the team that finishes their roll of toilet paper first wins! At the end of the game, someone is designated to scream: THAT’S A WRAP!

#3 Pop Goes the Pumpkin Balloon

You’ll need a whole bunch of orange balloons (pumpkins, wink). Just stuff the balloons with slips of paper that have prize names written on them to be claimed later. Attach the balloons to a bulletin board or some other safe surface with push pins and everyone gets to choose and then pop their pumpkin. Prizes are claimed immediately thereafter.

#4 Making Gross Looking But Delicious Decorations

Who doesn’t love gory-looking Halloween decorations that can also be eaten? As the Count once noted, “I vant to drink your blood.” So, how about eating some blood…fondue. Click here for directions on making blood fondue and six other devilishly delicious decorations.

#5 Go Frankenstein Bowling

Here’s another great idea from Crafty Mom. You’ll need a tennis ball and 10 cans.  Paint them or cover them with Halloween-themed scrapbook paper. When it’s party time, set up the cans and roll that ball.

#6 Pumpkin Chunkin’

This game is great for toddlers. The mom-friendly website B-Inspired Mama – explains how this Halloween game works. It is brilliantly simple. The pumpkins are just toilet paper wrapped in orange felt, with a little green bow to tie it together and you can get the baskets (where all the chunkin’ is happening) from your local craft or Dollar Store! 

#7 Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Seriously. What kid doesn’t love to (try) and pop a balloon by stomping on it? Exactly. That’s why this game is so funny to play and even more fun for the adults to watch. You’re going to need some more orange balloons (pumpkins). Before blowing up the balloons, stuff with dollar bills, slips of paper noting a prize, or squish-proof candy. He or she who stomps the balloon wins the prize inside.

#8 What’s a Halloween Party Without a Pinata?

This one is a classic. A lucky party-goer is blindfolded, given some kind of safe stick (e.g. yardstick), and given the once-in-lifetime chance to whack a pinata filled with…(wait for it again) MORE Halloween candy. You can find these pinatas at any party store or use these directions and make your own.

Northstar – Just North of Amazing

With its exemplary schools, outstanding amenities and perfect location, Northstar checks all of the boxes for families of any size. Holidays such as Halloween – with its emphasis on having pure, unadulterated fun – show why this master-planned community is on the short-list for any family looking for a better lifestyle.

There’s no trick here, just a great treat. Click here to come to see a community that’s just north of amazing.